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Company history & Intent

Company history & Intent

HELM d.o.o. was established in July 1995. The intention of its founders and owners was to assemble a team of experts who would work on systems for measuring the energy for both private consumers and industry.

The formation of the company corresponded with the beginning of a larger influence of electronic meters for electricity consumption in households, which until then had been mostly fitted with traditional electromechanical meters known as Ferraris meters.

Even then it was clear that the increase in prices of electric energy and the introduction of complex tariff system, and due to increasingly stringent quality requirements of electricity with the need to capture the elements of quality of energy supplied, the only solution would be an electronic meter. It was also clear that in the end due to lower raw material embedded in it, electronic counter with all of these functions will be cheaper than the classic Ferraris, which could register the cumulative consumption in maximum two different drum counters.

During many years (1995 to 2005) of cooperation with RIZ Transmitters Inc. Company, HELM managed to develop a full range of single and three phase meters, and a variety of modems for meter reading. The meters designed by HELM are still being produced at RIZ Transmitters facilities.

HELM Today

Since 2011 the company has embarked on developing a new range of products and services intended for energy companies in metering value chain such as:

Various communication interfaces

New generation of communication units intended for reading the consumption of electricity, water, gas, heat

Electricity consumption meter that would satisfy the demands of the market over the next five years

Smart software solutions for data collecting

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