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Quality Policy and Objectives

Quality policy and goals

Our business success is based on achieving customer satisfaction by delivering quality products and services by offering modern and innovative technical solutions with a continuous decrease in costs. Our products, services and support are the same quality and reliability of “big companies”, while maintaining some flexibility that allows us to customize the product to the user requirements.

We have developed our own quality system based on standards ISO 9001: 2015, ensuring constant raise in quality, professional and impartial performance of tasks, with the systematic fulfillment of all the requirements of legislation and contract documents, as well as customer requirements and protection of their interests

Our employees possess high expertise and long experience in this business. All employees, including the director as the person most responsible, are required to maintain a unique approach to quality, from the first contact with the customer until delivery.

Due to constant changes in the world, special attention is paid to continuous education of all employees, adapting business processes and improving knowledge transfer between employees of the company. We continuously acquire and develop new products, services and technologies.

We have identified clear responsibilities for each employee and the knowledge necessary for the fulfillment of those responsibilities.

Continued investment in production, measuring and test equipment achieve the required quality of work and ensure competitiveness in the market.

Selecting and constant supervision of suppliers and subcontractors provide the necessary quality of raw materials for the realization of high-quality products and services. We create and maintain good business relationships and long-term cooperation with suppliers

Quality management

The objectives of quality management are:

The quality of products and services and constant improvement in their quality

To be a desirable business partner

To provide a stimulating work environment

Continued harmonization of operations with applicable laws and regulations

Constant monitoring of all business processes to immediately eliminate the causes of actual or potential reduction in quality, reliability and adverse environmental impacts

In defining the objectives we have taken into account that they are measurable, accurate, objective, realistic and challenging.

Commitment to meet the requirements and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system HELM derives from all of the above.

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