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Helm Inspection Department

Inspection Department

The Helm Inspection Department (HOI) is accredited by the Croatian Accreditation Agency (HAA) for the implementation of an electricity meter inspection in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO / IEC 17020: 2012 standard.

Nalazi se u registru HAA pod brojem – 6491

Accreditation includes the tests of the electricity meters of accuracy class 1, 2, A, B, C, 0.2S and 0.5S for active energy, and accuracy class 2 and 3 for reactive energy.

The accreditation scope is in the attach of the Accreditation Certificate.

For inspection services, electricity meter verification and all other questions you can contact us through our web site via the form on our contact pages contact

The commitment to meet the requirements and to continuously improve the efficiency of the HELM management system derives from all of the above.

HOI is located at Zagreb, Koledovčina 1.

Accreditation Certificate 6491

Rjesenje o odobrenju za ovjeravanje brojila.pdf

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